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About ByeGraph
ByeGraph creates effective graphs from data and expressions. The data and expressions are used not only alone respectively, but also together by having file reading functions in the expressions. Various types of graphs are prepared such as Date-formatted x Label Graph, Character-based x Label Graph, Scatters with Labels, Indexation Graph, Bar Graph, Error Bar Graph and Histogram. Expressions can include file reading functions, math functions, global variables, reserved constants and so on. For a graph which has been created, you can change the graph attributes and perform regression analysis.
Other features
New features (v2.5)
  • Adding text, line (arrow), rectangle, oval and others
  • Resizing, moving or rotation for each object
  • Synchronizing graph data with corresponding file data
  • Formatted output of calculation results from expressions
  • Saving expressions and constants that are often used
  • File output with standard format (EPS, PDF)
  • Reading CalcLoop Documents
  • Opening sample documents and manuals from Help menu
  • Tutorial and Application Notes included
  • Online Help in both English and Japanese
  • Dividing source Data (Data segments)
  • Multiple Graphs
  • [Expressions] Serial Parameter
  • [Expressions] Logical operators, Relational operators
  • Being suitable to QuickLook
  • Straightening Line objects
  • Fixed bugs on previous version
Required environment
Macintosh with Mac OSX 10.6 or later (Intel Mac)
ByeGraph250.dmg (6.6MB, version2.5, Oct. 05 2013 released) 
 *Both English and Japanese resources are included in this file. (According to your language environment, either of them is used.)

Note for installation: If the volume "ByeGraph250" will not be automatically mounted after you download the disk image file "ByeGraph250.dmg", you need to double-click it to mount the volume.

For Gatekeeper options (OSX 10.7.5 or later) : Before you launch ByeGraph at the first time after installation, confirm that Gatekeeper options are set to either "Mac App Store and identified developers" or "Anywhere".

Graph images (v2.5)
(Various types of graphs)
(An example for Multiple Graphs)
(An example for Serial Parameter / Parametric calculation)