Last updated on: Oct. 05, 2013


is a graph creating application available on Mac OS X (Shareware $15). It enables you to create your own effective graph from data and expressions. The data and expressions are used not only alone respectively, but also in their combination together: you can add some processes, which are defined by expressions, to based data and make them reflect into a graph. And according to your purpose, ByeGraph can provide many types of graphs, such as Date-formatted x label graph, Character-based x label graph, Scatters with labels, Histogram and so on. (The first version was released on Apr.11 2007, the latest version (2.0) was released on Oct.05 2013)
is a calculating application running on Mac OS X (Freeware). You can perform to calculate multiple expressions, which include mathematical functions and file reading functions and so on, by specifying the range of a loop variable and parameters. Calculation results from the expressions are outputted as a graph and a data list. You can add text or line (arrow) objects on the graph pane. CalcLoop Plus can be get through Mac App Store. (The first version (1.0) was released on Jan.04 2012.)

Applications of which the development was closed

Its download is also no longer available. (Last released on Oct.10 1999)
Only version 1.8 can be downloaded. (Last released on Jan.11 2011)

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