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Payment & Registration

  1. User registration
  2. How to pay the fee

1. User registration

ByeGraph is shareware. If you hope a further use continuously after trying it for 15 days*1, you need to pay the shareware fee. A user which has paid will be proved as a registered user and be able to receive a password in a few days.

When you get the password, you can set it into ByeGraph as follows.

  • Choose “Registration…” from the ByeGraph menu.
  • After a dialog appears, enter your “name”*2 and “password” on it.

*1 If you do not apply for your registration after the 15 days period has passed, an alert window will be displayed every time at ByeGraph's starting up.
*2 The name comes with your password. (Normally, that is what was used when you applied for. The name must be entered correctly. But if it includes spaces, they will be ignored.)

Your password is also the evidence that you are a registered user, and it can be available for future versions. (You can upgrade ByeGraph free of charge.) Please understand that, however, the upgrade is a plan and may be stopped because of various circumstances.

2. How to pay the fee

(1) Trough PayPal

The payment must be in US dollars (The fee is $15). This way allows you to pay the fee from outside Japan.

By using this button, you can enter the PayPal pages for ByeGraph.

(2)Bank transfer (Only in Japan)

The free of this case is 1500 yen. If you choose the way of bank transfer as a payment, send an email to me ( by using the following template. The bank account to be transferred is that of Rakuten Bank in Japan, which is the former eBank. After receiving your mail, I will tell you detailed information about the bank account by email. Your password will be sent within a few days after I confirm the receipt.

--------------------Template for applying bank transfer-------------------------
Software name : ByeGraph
Your name :
Email address :