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Version History

Date Version Environment Functions and Improvements
2007.04.11 1.0 Macintosh
with Mac OSX
10.4 or later
  • Create several types of graphs from data and expressions
  • Change some graph attributes after creation
  • Get and draw regression curves and coefficients
  • Create text, line (arrow), rectangle, oval and other objects
  • Resizing, move, rotation and other operations for objects
  • Read data from RTF or standard text files
  • A lot of functions available for expressions
  • Reserve expressions and constants that are often used
  • File output with standard format (EPS, PDF)
2007.07.30 1.2 Ditto
  • Read date-time-formatted data
  • Draw date-formatted axis labels
  • Additional functions in expression
  • Array data reading function dread()
  • Sum function sum()
  • Switch function switch()
  • Relation operator (6 types)
  • Global variables _M0〜_M15
  • Expression headers (Put them before expressions in the form of "%…")
  • Improvements on output to printers (Automatic shrink)
  • Online help in both English and Japanese
  • Fixed bugs on version 1.0
2007.12.06 1.3 Ditto
  • Text objects with Rich text format
  • Output of formatted calculation results from expressions
  • New expression headers (%yscale、%format)
  • A new axis type -Checkered grid-
  • Improvement of graph renewal function
  • Reserve window size
  • Fixed bugs on version 1.2
  • About editing text objects and displaying them
  • About graph renewal function
  • About File encodings
  • Others
2008.05.12 1.4 Ditto
  • New graph type (1) Scatter with labels
  • New graph type (2) A graph with character-based x labels
  • New graph type (3) Histogram
  • Available to use Bar
  • Lines like steps
  • Open Graph Attributes panel by double-clicking
  • Resizing of editing field in Source Data Setting panel
  • Duplicate objects
  • Fixed bugs on previous version
  • At the closing time of Symbol/Line dialogue
  • Others
2008.07.03 1.4.1 Ditto
  • Drag & Drop data or expression into editing field
  • A bug due to particular operations on Disp dialogue
  • A bug due to particular operations on Disp dialogue
  • Hanging up occurring when the window is abruptly closed during editing text object
  • Others
2008.09.05 1.5 Ditto
  • Axes rotation to right 90 degrees
  • Piled bar type graph
  • Offset appearance on Y and Y2 axes
  • Symbol/Line direct selection from each table
  • Fixed bugs on previous version
  • Bars' bad form due to exceeding scale on bar graph
  • Trouble on tx string graph occurring in being multiple sets of data
  • Hanging up occurring when a window in the background is closed
  • Others
2008.12.15 1.6 Ditto
  • Perform indexation for data by using a new data header INDEX
  • Additional functions in expression
  • Global variable initializer ginit<>
  • Another file reading function fread2(,) for random access
  • Loop counter #LOOP, Parameter counter #PARAM
  • Row depth constant #FREADMAX for fread/fread2 source
  • New expression header %xstrings for making x strings graph from expressions
  • A new parameter (s) of %format header for displaying strings
  • Source data filter for removing or replacing particular characters
  • Additional date/time formats that include ones chosen on System Preferences
  • Application Notes included
  • Fixed bugs on previous version
2009.05.15 1.7 Ditto
  • Let error bars attach on symbols (ERRORBARS header)
  • Choose data to be plotted in advance (CHOICE header)
  • Specify external source file for file reading functions (%external header)
  • Save expressions and constants into XML file / Allow expressions to be named
  • Automatic detection of encoding for text files
  • Fixed bugs on previous version
2009.10.31 1.8 Macintosh
with Mac OSX
10.5 or later
  • Curve fittings (3 ~ 9 dimension polynomial) added
  • Button for synchronizing graph data with corresponding file data
  • Fine adjustment for bar widths on bar graph
  • Help button for referring the usage of headers and functions
  • Checking tool for new versions
  • Set axis grid respectively for x and y axis
  • Read real values starting from a period
  • Fixed bugs on previous version
2010.04.10 1.9 Ditto
  • Date/Time header with a custom format
  • Distinct date - time format setting for each data set
  • Broken line for Figure / Rounded rect's corner
  • Gaussian fitting
  • New headers for Scale values / Title, Axis labels
  • Common use of some headers both in data and expressions
  • Comment mark (!) into data part
  • Enhanced attributes panel
  • Fixed bugs on previous version
2011.01.11 1.9.5 Macintosh
with Mac OSX
10.6 or later
(Intel Mac)
  • Read CalcLoop Document
  • New headers for The type of Symbol and Line
  • Code based on 64/32-bit computing
  • Fixed bugs on previous version
2011.12.31 2.0 Ditto
  • Plotting data values on bars
  • Pane appearance between line and x axis
  • 90 degree-rotated x axis labels
  • Axis grid with broken line
  • Opening sample docs and manuals from Help menu
  • Fixed bugs on previous version