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Overview & Download

CalcLoop Overview (v1.9) Download
CalcLoop is a calculation software for expressions, and it is available for Macintosh OSX and freeware. Multiple expressions, which include math or file reading functions, can be calculated consecutively by specifying the range of a loop variable and specifying parameters. Calculation results are outputted as a number table and a graph. Expressions can include file reading functions, so that you can also read numerical or string data from an external file, add specific process to them, and newly create a number table or a graph from them.

(Other functions)
- Calculate multiple expressions and display their results
- Create a graph (Linear/Log) for numerical data
- Specify range of loop variable, and parameters
- A lot of functions (math, file/array reading and so on)
- Various expression headers
- Specify output formats (Integer, Real, Strings)
- Global variables and Initializer for them
- Reserve expressions and constants that are often used
- File output with RTF or Standard TEXT format
- Compliant with Service Menu
- Read and display strings
- The latest version: 1.9 (Released on Jan.11 2011)
CalcLoop190e.dmg / 1.9MB

 *Macintosh with OSX10.6 or later (Intel Mac)

- Previous version: 1.8 (Released on Jun.30 2009)
CalcLoop1.8e.dmg / 811KB

 *Macintosh with OSX10.4 or later (Intel/PPC Mac)
 *No graph functions

The application itself, including its help book, in each version's file above is the same as that of the corresponding file linked from the Japanese page except for some attached documents.
New features and Improvement (v1.9)
- Graph-making function
- New expression headers for making a graph
- 3 panes user interface
- Code based on 64/32-bit computing
- Fixed bugs on previous version

   Screen Image (v1.9)


   Screen Image (v1.8)