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About CalcLoop Plus
CalcLoop Plus is a unique application that calculates expressions and creates graph and text output at the same time. It is freeware and available for Macintosh OSX. Multiple expressions can be calculated consecutively by specifying the range of the loop variable and specifying parameters. Expressions can also include file-reading-functions, so that CalcLoop Plus can read data from an external file, add specific process to them, and newly create a graph and numerical data as calculation results.
Its functions are …
  • Calculating multiple expressions in a row
  • Graph output (Linear/Log/X strings), list output
  • Line (Arrow) and Text tools on graph pane
  • Resizing, moving and rotating objects on graph pane
  • A loop variable and several parameters for expressions
  • Math, file/array reading, sum, functions and so on
  • Reading external numeric or string data
  • Various expression headers for calculation and graph
  • Several statistics constants from each column data
  • list output formats (Integer, Real, Strings)
  • Using global variables
  • Reserving expressions and constants that are often used
  • Exporting Text output with RTF or Plain format
  • Exporting graph output with EPS or PDF format
  • Being compliant with Service Menu
Required environment
Macintosh with Mac OSX 10.6 or later (Intel Mac)
Mac App Store (Released on Jan.04 2012)
Version 1.0 (3.3MB)
Screen image (v1.0)