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About PlotTool

PlotTool is a graph drawing application for Macintosh. This application was first open to the public on Feb. '97. At the beginning it was freeware and included only basic functions. But after that it has been formed into the curent version as shareware, including some new functions step by step.

This home page provodes some usefull infomation, which consists of introdution, basic usage, samples, Q&As and so on, for PlotTool's users or the people who intend to use it. Please let me know if you have any comments or suggestions regarding my home page .


PlotTool is a graph drawing application for engineering. You can easily create graphs from data that are measured through some experimentation. Also, some useful functions and tools are prepared for modifying graphs, analyzing data, calculating expressions and creating other types of objects.

Principal functions

New functions for version 1.5

(New functions)


System requirement

PlotTool is created with FAT binary codes including Power PC native ones. It requires the following system environment.