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Bug info

Date Phenomenon Solution
(Incorrect value from #PARAM) The reference value from the parameter counter (#PARAM), which is used in expressions, may be zero in some cases.
It will be fixed on the next version
(Bug about auto scaling) When you try to do auto scaling (Linear) for multiple sets of y data, an incorrect max value may be decided. (In this case, set your desired value with the %rangelin header to avoid it.)
It will be fixed on the next version
(Too large view size for an example) The graph view size of an example ("Deferential&Integral.calp"), which comes with CalcLoop Plus 1.0, is unexpectedly set to too large size (The width is "5874" and it should be set to "584" by default). If you recreate a graph on the document, you may not be able to find the graph at a glance on the vast view. (The graph view size of a document can be changed by choosing "Graph view size…" from the File menu.)