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Version history

CalcLoop Version History

Date Version Environment Functions and Improvements
2006.05.10 1.0 Macintosh with Mac OSX 10.3 or later
(Not compliant with Universal Binary)
- Calculate multiple expressions and display their results consecutively
- Specify range of loop variable, and parameters
- A lot of functions (math, file/array reading, sum, switch and so on)
- Reserve expressions and constants that are often used
- File output with RTF or Standard TEXT format
2007.07.30 1.5 Macintosh with Mac OSX 10.4 or later
(Compliant with Universal Binary)
- Array data reading function dread()
- Sum function sum()
- Switch function switch()
- Relation operator (6 types)
- Specification of output formats (Integer [dy], Real [fe])
- Global variables _M0 - _M15
- Expression headers (Put them before expressions in the form of %---)
- Compliant with Universal Binary
- Fixed bugs on version 1.0
2007.12.11 1.5.1 Ditto - Fixed bugs on previous version
  + About File encodings
2008.12.15 1.6 Ditto - Global variable initializer ginit<>
- Another file reading function fread2(,) for random access
- Loop counter #LOOP, Parameter counter #PARAM
- Row depth constant #FREADMAX for fread/fread2 source
- Fixed bugs on previous version
2009.06.30 1.8 Ditto - Specify external source file for file reading functions (%external header)
- Statistics constants (Sum, Avg, Max …) for row results (%statout header)
- Compliant with Service Menu
- Read and display strings
- Output of global variables after looping completed (%gout header)
- Save expressions and constants into XML file / Allow expressions to be named
- Automatic detection of encoding for text files
- Fixed bugs on previous version
2011.01.11 1.9 Macintosh with Mac OSX 10.6 or later
(Intel Mac)
- Graph-making function
- New expression headers for making a graph
- 3 panes user interface
- Read and display strings
- Code based on 64/32-bit computing
- Fixed bugs on previous version